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Rylee Meek

Rylee Meek is the host of the King’s Council Podcast and founder of The King’s Council, a Business Coaching Community that provides Training & Mentorship for Kingdom Entrepreneurs.
In the last decade, Rylee has helped entrepreneurs scale their businesses, creating transformational wealth through his company, Social Dynamic Selling.
Through the Social Dynamic Selling System, Rylee has taken eight companies to 7 and 8 figures within the first year of each, generating over $150 million in sales over the past decade.
Utilizing his proven methods and strategies to build lasting relationships and lifetime customers, Rylee helps entrepreneurs gain clarity and create massive acceleration in their businesses and brands.

Work with Rylee


Rylee is a renowned speaker known for his motivational and tactical talks that will inspire your audiences to take action on their dreams and visions. 


Having Rylee as a coach will give you a competitive advantage in not just business, but in your life and your faith. His proven track record of helping businesses scale rapidly will help you achieve your next level of success and create a massive impact in alignment with your faith.

Podcast Guest

Rylee’s incredible story of being a self-made millionaire and business owner will provide your audience with a story that will inspire them to align their business, work, and life with their faith.


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I love sales. One of the reasons I fell in love with it was because of the idea that I could control how much I earned. If I wanted or needed to make more money, I simply needed to sell more. However, as much as I heard it being touted, I never bought into the idea that my earning ability was uncapped because I knew there was only a certain amount of time in a day. I quickly learned the higher the ticket item I sold, the more commission I earned, but in turn, the longer it took for me to close a sale. Sure, I could hire and manage more sales representatives to earn an override, but I still felt like there was a limit to what could be accomplished solely based on the amount of time in a day. I mean, we have to sleep, right?


When I was first introduced to the concept of dinner seminars, I have to believe it was like the invention of fire—it blew my mind. The idea that I could present to a group of people and then only meet with those who wanted to know more or to get a quote completely rocked me… READ MORE

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Hosted by Rylee Meek, The King’s Council Podcast helps you discover, develop and deploy your God-given talents. Each episode contains tips and tactics to help you step into your greatness utilizing the 5 Power Pillar Framework taught in the King’s Council.

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The King’s Council is a community of high achievers, entrepreneurs, athletes and leaders who are focused on continually discovering and deploying their God-given talents in a quest to squeeze every bit of life out of their time here on earth.