CEO of Your LIFE

In a one year cycle we help you find and fill your missing structures including:

  • How to identify & ACTIVATE the missing components in your life.
  • How to develop the CHAMPION MINDSET in all 5 areas: Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, Physical, & Financial.
  • How to build a business with a world class EXPLANATION OF SERVICES
  • How to implement a true PROSPECTING and SELLING SYSTEM
  • How to become an INTENTIONAL
  • INFLUENCER and COMMUNICATE effectivey in every relationship
  • How to become the Authoritative Figure in your industry and attract opportunity


The Executive Coaching Series

Many people desire “individualized coaching and mentoring” for their specific needs. This may be personal development related or to build mental structures for their business. Either way, Rylee believes in coaching the whole person based on 5 components; Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, Physical, & Financial. Based on his unique methodology we can help you break through your current ceilings of success to new levels with weekly one to one coaching sessions, high levels of accountability, and clear structures for growth.
This may be:

  • Executive coaching on how to build, grow, or scale your business
  • Confidence coaching on how to build, maintain, and protect your greatest asset in your confidence
  • A structure that helps you find your unique voice in LIFE and identify your NEXT MOVE
  • Coaching for you on selling structures, how to become a better coach to your team, or business expansion

At this level we listen to your needs and customize a personal coaching plan that helps you CHAMPION desired area of your life.

Join The King’s Council

The King’s Council is a community of high achievers, entrepreneurs, athletes and leaders who are focused on continually discovering and deploying their God-given talents in a quest to squeeze every bit of life out of their time here on earth.