Case Study #2

Empower Partners Group

Case Study: Aaron Anderson
Profession: Former health club manager.
Goal: Found a fitness-centered business.
Challenge: Aaron’s strong fitness expertise was hampered by lack of business management skills.

Rylee Meek, the co-founder of Empower Partners Group, is an entrepreneurial thought leader with a mission: to make a difference in the world by inspiring young professionals to build thriving businesses that enhance and enrich the lives of others. A successful entrepreneur several times over in his own right, Rylee is committed to sharing his roadmap for success. Drawing on his sales expertise and training as a certified High Performance Coach with Brendon Burchard’s High Performance Academy, Rylee mentors his clients to their goals.

When Rylee first met with Aaron Anderson, Aaron was struggling to realize his dream to build his own business in the fitness industry. After losing his job as a health club manager, Aaron spent two years attempting to establish a fitness-based company of his own. His efforts were marked by more failure than success. Aaron had abundant expertise in fitness training, but his trial and error attempts to create compensation structures, policies, procedures and sales systems faltered. Aaron was honest with himself: in order to succeed, he needed help to master the principles of business management and accounting.
He needed help.

Enter Rylee Meek.

Rylee worked with Aaron to create a business plan that married Aaron’s fitness knowledge with Rylee’s skills in business management. Under the guidance of Rylee’s business acumen, Aaron’s entrepreneurial luck took an immediate positive turn. Through the inevitable bumps along the entrepreneurial journey, Rylee’s counsel navigated Aaron to the realization of his dream. If you ask Aaron today, he’ll tell you that he got the better end of his partnership bargain with Rylee.

Rylee’s approach was straightforward and pragmatic. He began by coaching Aaron to set clear and concise business goals. Together, they established step-by-step benchmark goals for Aaron to meet, and defined the expectations for each goal reached.

Aaron encountered the challenges that every new business faces: cash flow was sometimes an issue, staffing conflicts arose, and marketing did not always run smoothly.

“Rylee was fantastic,” Aaron remembers. “Having him on my side easily saved me a year of trial and error. He coached me through each and every obstacle. Just as important, he coached me through how to handle success as well. Thanks to Rylee, I learned how to properly save business income, allocate additional revenues, and strategically plan the expansion of my business.”

With Rylee’s coaching, Aaron surpassed every benchmark and goal they had set together. Aaron’s business was not merely surviving—it was thriving. In a span of four years, Aaron has successfully branded and marketed his own fitness system. His entrepreneurial dream is firmly established and on track for aggressive growth.

“Rylee is an invaluable business partner,” says Aaron. “I now have a firm understanding of how to successfully structure a business and build a brand. Most important, I now have the mentality of a successful entrepreneur. If you have the motivation and desire to attain self-reliance and realize your full potential, Rylee Meek will mentor you to the realization of your dreams.”