Young entrepreneurs who are starting from the very beginning typically ask: What business to start? What’s an easy business to start? What are the steps to starting a business?

What they really want to know is: how can I create a lifestyle that will enable me to generate enough passive income to support and sustain a lifestyle that will offer me financial freedom?


By age 25, most people know what they want to do with their lives – anything from being a fishing guide to a plastic surgeon. But 40 years later, only one in 100 will have financial freedom or abundant wealth.

The first place to start your business is the same place you’d start when seeking a job – with whatever drives you, whatever you’re good at, whatever fuels your passion. If you need help finding this, I’d suggest taking a test such as the MAPP online career test, where you can get matched to over 900 careers and find your true calling.

Whether you’re just beginning your career journey or you’ve been working for many years, you can be in business for yourself and create the wealth you want. But remember that even young entrepreneurs must have the stomach for taking calculated risks, and know how to manage money wisely.

It stands to reason that whatever business you start, you’ll need to know how to promote it. A key part of being an entrepreneur is having a knack for marketing your products or services, both off-line and in online or digital communications (websites, social media, etc.).

If you find an industry and a business you feel passionate about, and you have a solid business idea, you’ll likely need to work very hard to get it off the ground. But the good news is that when you’re working at something you love, it won’t even feel like working.

Don’t think about schemes to “get rich quick” or trying to hit a home run with the next “big thing.” If you chase money, you’ll end up unhappy and burnt-out. Instead, simply pick something that you would want to do as a career that could make you money. If you love what you do and are passionate about it, you will find a way to monetize it.

I created this site and my blog, Rylee’s Revelations, to show you how to turn your passion and business ideas into a successful business that will give you the income stream you desire. It’s based on a system I used to amass my own passive income, and that I’ve used to help many others accumulate their own wealth.