Rylee’s Bio

Photo Rylee MeekRylee Meek is an entrepreneurial thought leader with a mission: to make a difference in the world by inspiring young professionals to build thriving businesses that enhance and enrich the lives of others.Harnessing life lessons, Rylee has forged an extraordinary international and multidisciplinary career path encompassing personal fitness, high net worth asset management, and green energy initiatives, and culminating in entrepreneurial consulting. At the age of 20, he was earning a six-figure income. By his 28th birthday, his positions included founder and CEO of an energy conservation company, owner of a fitness franchise, senior partner with an asset management company, and co-founder of The Duck Group-the manufacturing and marketing arm for Rubba Ducks, the world’s premier rubber duck collectible.

Rylee founded his energy conservation company in 2010 to support a greener world through energy audits, consultations and products that help lower energy bills in private homes and businesses.

Within twelve months, it grew to $12 million in sales. In less than two years, it grew to a multi-million dollar Minnesota company serving customers in 38 states with energy efficiency products that make homes and businesses greener, cleaner and more comfortable.

Success has inspired Rylee to empower other entrepreneurs to pursue their visions for a better world. As co-founder of RyleeMeek.com, a consultancy for entrepreneurs, he offers coaching and mentorship to clients with the motivation and desire to attain independent self-reliance and realize their full potential. Rylee is committed to sharing his roadmap for success. Drawing on his sales expertise and training as a certified High Performance Coach with Brendon Burchard’s High Performance Academy, Rylee mentors his clients to their goals.

Rylee attributes his success to life lessons learned at an early age, and to the extraordinary mentors who crossed his path.

At age 15, Rylee tossed his first pizza pie at his small town’s local gas station, earning $5.50 an hour. By the end of his first day of employment, he realized that the earning potential he could create for himself would far exceed what any employer could offer him. He walked out of the gas station, and never looked back. Committed to creating his own journey, he started out in direct sales while still in high school, generating income on his own terms.

Driven by infectious energy and boundless curiosity, Rylee thrived on new challenges. Early in his career, he applied his sales skills across a variety of industries, developing a valuable cross-disciplinary perspective. His formula for success was simple: he sought out successful business mentors, learned from them, and adapted the techniques that made them successful. His list of inspirational mentors includes Napoleon Hill, author of “Think and Grow Rich,” Jim Rohn, mentor to Tony Robbins, and Brian Tracy, motivational speaker and author.

Years of sales experience garnered valuable lessons. Rylee recognizes the critical role of marketing and sales to business success: if you aren’t moving forward, you’re moving backwards.  He realizes that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel to flourish. If you pay attention to what works and what doesn’t work, you can refine effective sales techniques to a process that performs like a well-oiled machine.

When Rylee’s income rocketed into six figures, he transitioned from selling for companies to investing in companies. Following his passion for personal health, he purchased an fitness franchise, and moved to Mexico to develop a market for a network marketing company offering dietary supplements and nutraceuticals.

A few years later, with the rise of environmental awareness, Rylee identified an opportunity to apply his knowledge of the construction industry to improve energy efficiencies. In 2010 he founded a company to offer private and business clients emerging innovations in energy-saving products. His new company was an instant success, doing over $2 million in sales in the first 6 months. Meek brought on a business partner to expand the company’s reach, and momentum exploded to over 8 figures.

Rylee recognizes that with success comes responsibility. His company donates money and energy saving products to non-profit organizations including churches, Habitat for Humanity, and Servants of the Streets, a 24-hour care ministry that houses and helps men with drug, alcohol addictions.

Today, Rylee draws on his depth of training and experience to help mentor other young professionals to attain success as entrepreneurs. “I’m addicted to challenge and accomplishment,” he says. “There’s no accomplishment more rewarding than supporting someone else in pursuit of their dreams.”

When he isn’t managing his businesses or mentoring his clients, Meek enjoys spending time with his family. His approach to parenting mirrors his approach to mentoring. He focuses on giving the guidance needed to make good decisions, and strives to encourage and empower people to succeed in life.